Government Business Relations

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Government Business Relations

To maximise your marks, and according to the marking criteria, your answers should provide:

  • Content knowledge of the individual topics
    • Demonstrating understanding of the topic’s key elements
  • Quality analysisin question responses
    • the quality of points made, and your argument or position on the specific question
  • Evidence of reading
    • drawn from your selection of reading on topics

Short Answer Questions: 10%

  • Answer five (5) questions
  • Each question will be worth 4%.
  • Each answer should be approximately 150-200 words long
  • Each answer should include at least one reference.

Longer Essay Question: 10%

  • Answer one essay question out of a choice of three
  • Your answer should be approximately 500 words long
  • Your answer should include at least three references.
  • The questions in this part are broad-based ones, with one drawn from each of the course’s core themes:

(1) neo-liberalism and globalization

(2) GBR models

(3) the issues of regulation, CSR and sustainability


  • For both short and longer questions, answers require factual knowledge and your analysis and informed position or argument
  • Reliance on lecture notes and workshop discussions alone will not be sufficient to succeed in the take-home exam
    • Answers the question!
    • Is well written and clear
    • Is well structured and organized
    • Uses examples where appropriate
    • Contains no waffle
    • Avoids dot points, uses paragraphs
  • Part A: Short answer Questions
    • Answers the question
    • Provides factual content information & knowledge
    • Provides analysis/evaluation/argument as required
    • Is adequately researched
  • Part B: Essay
    • Answers the question
    • Constructs and defends an argument
    • Shows strong knowledge base
    • Is adequately researched
    • A general tip: for your longer essay answer – draw links between topics where relevant

 PART A    WORKSHOP QUESTIONS ANSWER FIVE (5) questions         

  • Does federalism work well for business? Provide reasons for your answer.
  • Which interest groups are most effective for business? Why?
  • Are governments still useful to business in an era of changing globalisation?
  • Given the current situation, should neoliberalism continue as the dominant approach to GBR?
  • Why is government regulation required?
  • Does business take seriously the term ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR)?
  • Can climate change be addressed in a positive way for business?
  • What are the differences in the models of GBR in China and Japan?
  • Which model best explains current GBR in the US?
  • What is the link between globalization, development, and First Peoples?

PART B ESSAY ANSWER ONE (1) question                           

  1. Globalisation is today too flawed to continue serving the world economy well. Do you agree? Discuss, using examples to support your argument.
  2. Which GBR model do you consider provides the best framework for business success? Discuss, using at least two country examples to support your argument.
  • Strong sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility outcomes rely on more effective regulation. Do you agree? Discuss, using examples to support your argument

Government Business Relations