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HISTORY 113-070 Examination

Compare and contrast the Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada with the Rebellion of 1837 in Lower Canada.  Explain the terms “Contact” and “Confederation” as they are used in Canadian history. Why are they important?

In 1837, rebels in Lower and Upper Canada led to insurgents against the political class and the Crown. The revolution in Upper Canada was less violent compared to the one in Lower Canada. Nonetheless, both insurgents encouraged the the critical Durham Report. It contributed to the Act of Union that amalgamated the two associations into the Province of Canada. In addition...read more

Why did Chief Pontiac and other First Nation leaders in the Great Lakes and Ohio region favour France over Britain at the time of the Seven Years’ War?

The British colonialists expanded the military influence in the Great Lakes during and after the Seven Years’ War. They also set up forts in order to reinforce their colonial claims in the area. Although French gained some advantages in early stages of the war, Britain finally won, and ..read more

Who was Benjamin Franklin? Why did he come to Montreal in 1776? Why did he conclude that from his point of view “the situation was hopeless?”

Benjamin Franklin was an accomplished diplomat of outstanding shrewdness and tenacity. He come to Montreal in 1776 to negotiate backup of the locals for the American Revolution. However, he failed in his mission.  From his point of v…read more

Was there any support for the Americans in Nova Scotia during the American Revolution? Explain.

During the American Revolution, Americans received support from France. At the early stages of the war, France helped by supplying the Continental Army with shoes, clothing, cannons, gunpowder, and other essentials.

Why was it common for Church leaders in French Canada by 1800 to view the Conquest as having been a “blessing in disguise?”.

They saw the Conquest as a divine liberation from revolutionary disorder – an idea that was long important. The Conquest also resulted to religious tolerance and representative government.

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HISTORY 113-070 Examination