History and evaluation of Aviation safety

For this week’s discussion, we are going to explore the concepts of data-sharing and communication. At the end of Chapter 2, Question number 5 is as follows:

“Explain the importance of data-sharing on aviation safety. Discuss the current state of data-sharing in aviation safety.”


Communication is always a matter of course of interest to researchers as a matter of
concern. According to Calvo-Armengol, De Marti, and Prat, 2015, p. 650), communication is the
manner in which entities or groups develop meaning via the use of signage, representations and
symbolic conventions sufficiently understood. In the current state of communication at my
workplace we use both upwards and downward forms of communication. The following
discussion will provide a detailed explanation of the nature of communication within the military
institution I work for and how it affects safety at my workplace……

  1. Your discussion post should answer this question, but focus the answer on your job. What is the current state of data-sharing in your workplace? How does this affect safety at your workplace?
  2. In addition, answer the question a second time substituting the word “communication” for “data-sharing”. Therefore, describe the current state of communication at your workplace and the effect (or lack thereof) on safety.
  3. Finally, since no business is perfect what can be done at your workplace to take a step forward regarding better data-sharing or communication? If you feel your workplace is already doing a great job, then explain the single most important way the needs of data sharing and communication are met.