HNN 217 Community Nursing Practice

Purpose of this assessment task
This assessment task will enable you to develop knowledge about the role of the community nurse in developing health literacy for patients using the principles of primary health care and understanding the social determinants of health.

This task is designed to assess the following Unit Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain the relationship between nursing, the social determinants of health, and primary health care.
2. Identify the roles and responsibilities of the nurse engaged in community health practice, including education of individuals, families, and carers.
3. Evaluate symptoms, functional status, and risk in the management of individuals, significant others, and communities.
4. Identify participative, evidence-based health-promoting interventions for individuals, families, and carers from diverse backgrounds including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
5. Demonstrate integration of knowledge and skills by providing safe, effective care for individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds in community settings.

Topic background:
Sangeeta is a 45-year-old married female with two children aged 5 and 7 and has recently migrated to Australia from India. Sangeeta has attended the local community health center for a diabetes education session as referred by her GP. During the consultation, Sangeeta reports that she is feeling worried about managing her diabetes as she has been unable to monitor her blood glucose levels. She reports that she has a limited supply of insulin and her blood glucose machine is faulty. Upon further discussion, Sangeeta reports that she is unable to afford insulin due to her financial situation. She is currently living with two families in a 2 bedroom unit while her husband is looking for employment. She reports that she is currently ineligible to receive Centrelink benefits due to visa restrictions. During the consultation with the community nurse Sangeeta also reports that she is struggling to cope with adjusting to life in Melbourne due to language barriers and social isolation.

Assignment Question / Task Description:
Part A:
Identify the social determinants that influence Sangeeta’s access to health care and include a discussion about how the principles of primary health care can assist with improved access and health care outcomes for Sangeeta (1000words).
Part B:
Discuss the principles of health education and the role of the community nurse in supporting Sangeeta with managing her health condition? (1000 words).
Instructions for this assessment:
Structure: Your assignment must contain an introduction, body, and conclusion.
You can use headers (Part A and B) to separate the sections.
You will need to provide evidence of research/reading, so a reference list and in-text citation would be expected to back up your ideas.

Presentation requirements:
Title of assignment, student name and number, word count
Word Count:
Adhere to word limit requirements (within10%). The word count does not include
headings, in-text citations, references page, and direct quotes
Reference List:
A reference list should be provided on a separate page with the title ‘References’ at the
end of the assignment
Citation style:
12-point type size.
Times or Times New Roman.
Double-line spacing (Do not insert extra lines between paragraphs or the
references list entries.)
Page numbers
Page numbers to be provided on all pages except the front page. Place page number
in the top right-hand corner
2.54 cm at the top, bottom, left-hand, and right-hand sides of the page.
Paragraph indents
Indent the first line of each paragraph (using the tab key or paragraph tool).
Exceptions: abstract, block quotations, titles, and headings, table titles and notes
(consult with APA 6 style manual for specific detail).
Justification of text
All text needs to be aligned to the left, not justified

HNN 217 Community Nursing Practice