Home depot competitive force and value chain

Research paper focusing on the company Home Depot – its competitive forces, its overall value chain, and how Information Technology/Information Systems is enhancing its value chain to provide competitive advantage.  Use section title (outline) as follows:

  • Describe Porter’s Five forces and value chains in general.
  • Describe how Information Systems assists Home Depot in implementing their value chains for competitive advantage.
  • Describe Home Depot and analyze it from the perspective of Porter’s five forces, and value chain. Outline the value chain through a diagram. Make sure the company description provides details like its products, its history, etc. even if the company is widely known.
  • Describe how Information Technology/Information Systems is enabling the selected company to enhance its value chain for competitive advantage. Provide instances of such impacts that are properly referenced.

12 Font, double space, 3 pages, include the reference.