Homework 1B

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Submission Instructions

You must submit this assignment to Gradescope by the on-time deadline, Thursday, Au- gust 31, 11:59 PM. Please read the syllabus for the grace period policy. No late submissions beyond the grace period will be accepted. While course staff is happy to help you if you encounter difficulties with submission, we may not be able to respond to last-minute requests for assistance (TAs need to sleep, after all!). We strongly encourage you to plan to submit your work to Gradescope several hours before the stated deadline. This way, you will have ample time to contact staff for submission support.

There are three parts to this assignment listed on Gradescope:

  • Homework 01 Coding: Submit your Jupyter Notebook zip file for Homework 1A, which can be generated and downloaded from DataHub using the grader.export() cell
  • Homework 01  Written:  Submit  a  single  PDF  to  Gradescope  that  contains  both
    • your answers to all manually graded questions from the Homework 1A Jupyter

Notebook and (2) your answers to all questions in this Homework 1B document.

  • Syllabus Quiz: The assignment is multiple-choice style on Gradescope. You may change or update your answers anytime before the

To receive credit on this assignment, you must submit both your coding and written portions to their respective Gradescope portals as well as the syllabus quiz. Your written submission (a single PDF) can be generated as follows:

  1. Access your answers to manually graded Homework 1A questions in one of three ways:
    • Automatically create PDF (recommended): We have provided a cell to generate your written response in the Homework 1A notebook for you. Run the cell and click to download the generated PDF. This function will extract your response to the manually graded questions and put them on separate This process may

fail if your answer is not properly formatted; if this is the case, check out common errors and solution described on Ed or follow either of the two ways described below.

Manually download PDF: If there are issues with automatically generating the PDF, on DataHub,  you can try downloading the pdf by clicking on  File->Save andExportNotebookAs…->PDF. If you choose this route, you must take special care to ensure all appropriate pages are chosen for each question on Gradescope.

Homework 1B                                                                                                                                    2

  • Take screenshots: If that doesn’t work either, you can take screenshots of your answers (and your code if present) to manually graded questions and include them as images in a PDF. The manually graded questions are listed at the top of the Homework 1A
  1. Answer the below Homework 1B written questions in one of many ways:
    • Type your We recommend LaTeX, the math typesetting language. Over- leaf is a great tool to type in LaTeX.
    • Download this PDF, print it out, and write directly on these If you have a tablet, you may save this PDF and write directly on it.
    • Write your answers on a blank sheet of physical or digital
    • Note: If you write your answers on physical paper, use a scanning application (e.g., CamScanner, Apple Notes) to generate a
  2. Combine these two sets of answers together into the same PDF and submit to the appropriate Gradescope written portal. You can use PDF merging tools, e.g., Adobe Reader, Smallpdf  (https://smallpdf.com/merge-pdf)  or  Apple  Preview  (https:


  1. Important: When submitting on Gradescope, you must tag pages  to  each  ques- tion correctly (it prompts you to do this after submitting your work). This signifi- cantly streamlines the grading process for our readers. Failure to do this may result in a score of 0 for untagged

You are responsible for ensuring your submission follows our requirements. We will not be granting regrade requests nor extensions to submissions that don’t follow instructions. If you encounter any difficulties with submission, please don’t hesitate to contact staff before the deadline.

Collaboration Policy

Data science is a collaborative activity. While you may talk with others about the homework, we ask that you write your solutions individually. If you discuss the assignments with others, please include their names at the top of your submission.