How layout affects production capacity

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How layout affects production capacity

Describe a specific example where the process selected or the layout used influences the production capacity of the organization.

Here is one example: the way in which tables and chairs are arranged in a classroom will influence the number of students that the classroom will hold.

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Facility layout and design is an essential element of an organization’s general operations, both in terms of maximizing its production capacity and meeting the needs of its stakeholders. For example, an effective layout helps can help a bank meet its competitive requirements and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. A properly designed bank layout ensures smooth flow of work, information, and materials through a system. In order to optimize its productivity, a bank is therefore required to adopt a layout that supports flexibility, ensures good relationships among employees and clients, and safety for all facility users. Without a proper bank hall arrangement, various problems can arise and affect the productivity of individual employees and the organization at large. As Kovács & Kot, (2017) point out, equipment such as counters, machines, and seats should be arranged in a manner that supports all activities taking place inside the bank.

Kovács, G., & Kot, S. (2017). Facility layout redesign for efficiency improvement and cost reduction. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computational Mechanics, 16(1).


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How layout affects production capacity