Human Trafficking/Forced Prostitution in Portugal

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Human Trafficking/Forced Prostitution in Portugal

“Portugal is on the human trafficking route and not just as a transit point. It is a country that is at risk and quite susceptible to this issue. Firstly because it is a route and secondly, because it is also considered one of the dream destinations for many.

Being close to the Mediterranean makes it a bridge between Africa and Europe, as well as between the Latin America and the rest of Europe, so it is a country that brings together a special confluence to be on the route of human trafficking and also a destination country, where people visit. Therefore, like other European countries, Portugal must take bigger measurements to battle the risk of such criminal activities.”


Dive deep into the topic given in a geographic region of Portugal – learn as much as you can about the trafficking in that region, then report your findings through this paper


Write 3 full pages describing the form of human trafficking you selected, and how it manifests itself in the country or region that you selected. Details to include in your description include, but are not limited to the following:

Who are the victims?

How they are recruited and controlled? Who are the perpetrators?

What are the prevalence rates on victims?

What strategies are being used to combat the problem? Are there policies or organizations trying to rescue victims or prevent exploitation?

Discuss the history of the country/region, analyzing the major factors that contribute to the existence of human trafficking in the region.

In your conclusion, make recommendations for how this country/region could proceed to help survivors and prevent future victims.


You must include at least two (2) recognized empirical sources, in addition to course content. Sources may include peer-reviewed journal articles, text books, legitimate websites like the U.S. Dept. of State TIP Report, or others. Blogs, Wikipedia and non-referred websites are not empirical sources and not acceptable.

Be careful not to use verbatim wording from the article. Paraphrase into your own words to avoid plagiarism.

Note: TurnItIn will be used to check for plagiarism.

Human Trafficking/Forced Prostitution in Portugal