ICA SPECIFICATION: Reflective Portfolio

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ICA SPECIFICATION: Reflective Portfolio

Central Assignments Office (Middlesbrough Tower M2.08) Notes:

All work (including CDs etc) needs to be secured in a plastic envelope or a folder and clearly marked with the student name, number and module title.

An Assignment Front Sheet should be fully completed before the work is submitted.

When an extension has been granted, a fully completed and signed Extension form must be submitted to the SCM Reception.



Online Submission Notes:

  •  Please follow carefully the instructions given on the Assignment Specification
  • When an extension has been granted, a fully completed and signed Extension form must be submitted to the SCM Reception.


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Advanced Practice Assessment Specification 2019-20

This assessment specification tests the following module learning outcomes:

Personal and Transferable Skills
1. Operate effectively both as an individual and as a team member.

  1. Use judgement to make evidence-based decisions within complex academic and/or professional contexts.
  2. Evaluate the personal, organisational and technical skills acquired, and reflect critically on achievement and challenges.
    Research, Knowledge and Cognitive Skills
    3. Design substantial investigations to address significant areas of theory and/or practice.
    Professional Skills
    5. Autonomously implement and evaluate improvements to performance drawing on innovative or best practice.
    6. Develop professionalism in a workplace or research-based setting managing the inherent ethical implications.


You are required to produce a reflective portfolio, to include a 2,000 word report and any associated artefacts relevant to your internship experience. It is fine to include screenshots with corresponding explanatory text demonstrating the work you have undertaken.

Your portfolio must clearly articulate and evaluate what you have achieved during your internship. Your report needs to demonstrate deep reflection rather than simply present a description of what you did.

Your report must address the following requirements, which are equally weighted:

  1. Description of activities undertaken (20%)
  2. A description and analysis of your contribution to the host organisation or research field (20%)
  3. A reflection on how your internship has contributed to your knowledge and understanding of the subject area (20%)
  4. A summary of the personal benefits of your internship (20%)
  5. A demonstration of professional values and behaviour (20%)

Total = 100%

In your report you can include evidence to support your points, e.g. links to external evidence, in-text citations (using Harvard standard referencing), screenshots, wireframes or other design items etc.

Remember that this module is marked on a pass/fail basis so you will need to achieve at least 50% in your assessment to pass and gain the credits. Your academic supervisor will also take into account your professional behaviour and conduct, based on discussion with your industrial supervisor. This will be combined with point 5 above to form the demonstration of professional values and behaviour.

You may wish to use the list below to help you structure your report (although you do not need to use this approach):

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Activities Undertaken
  • Contribution to the Organisation
  • Reflection
  • Personal Benefits
  • Professional Values and Behaviour
  • References
  • Appendices (if applicable)

What to Submit

Submit your report as a .pdf document to the Blackboard module by the deadline.



Marking Criteria

Description of activitiesPASS (50%+)Descriptions are detailed and relevant and include evidence where appropriate.20%
FAIL (<50%)Descriptions are very vague, non-existent or irrelevant.
Description and analysis of contribution 

PASS (50%+)



It’s clear from the report that the student has made a positive contribution to the organisation.


FAIL (<50%)



There is no evidence of a positive contribution.


PASS (50%+)



The reflection is honest, detailed and genuinely addresses strengths and weaknesses in different aspects.


FAIL (<50%)



The reflection is too superficial and does not demonstrate that the student has thought about the criteria.

Personal benefits 

PASS (50%+)



The report includes a number of detailed benefits with appropriate reasoning and is linked to future career choice, previous learning and industry skills.


FAIL (<50%)



Personal benefits have either not been identified or are very vague with no reasoning or further detail.

Professional values and behaviour 

PASS (50%+)



It’s clear from the report and discussions with the industrial supervisor that the student has behaved professionally throughout the internship.


FAIL (<50%)



There are a number of areas of improvement to be made before the student is ready to work in industry, e.g. attendance, general conduct, team working etc.