Impact of early exploration and settlement

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Impact of early exploration and settlement

Analyze and critically evaluate the impact of early exploration and settlement on both Europe and North America. What do you believe was the greatest negative and positive impact of the interaction between Europeans and Native societies? In what respect did these interactions not only change Europe and North America, but instead create a “new” global society?

When responding to classmates, include additional information for why you agree with their position or information explaining why you do not agree with their position.

Make sure to provide cited information to support your positions. All work must be in APA format.

Readings and Resources

Articles & Websites:

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Develop an understanding of the geography and settlement of Native American tribes before the arrival of Europeans.

Native American societies before contact | Period 1: 1491-1607 | AP US History | Khan Academy

Duration: 5:25

Develop and understanding of the life of Christopher Columbus and his impact on indigenous people and Europe.

Develop an understanding of the causes and history of transatlantic trade and its impact on three continents.

Effects of transatlantic voyages, 1492-1607 | Khan Academy | AP US History

Duration: 7:24

Supplementary Materials:

Locks, C., Mergel, S., Roseman, P., & Spike, T. (2013). History in the making: A history of the people of the United States of America to 1877. Atlanta: UNG Press Books.

  • Chapter 1: United States History Before Columbus
  • Chapter 2: The Global Context: Asia, Europe, and Africa in the Early Modern Era (pages 30-36; 46-60)
  • Chapter 3: Initial Contact & Conquest