Implementation of a Frequent Flyer Levy (FFL)

Subject: Implementation of a Frequent Flyer Levy (FFL) / Air Miles Levy (AML) in the United
1. Determine who the stakeholders (those with a legitimate interest/stake) are in the case:
conflicts arise from differences in interest between or among two or more stakeholders.
Identify wherein lie the conflicts/constraints for different parties (needs, practices, customs,
procedure, regulations, international/national/regional laws,). When considering production
or consumption, who could suffer from negative externalities (negative effects is imposed on
a third party, a cost that is external to the manufacturer or producer and therefore does not
have to be considered in his expenses)?
2. a) State the problems: what ethical issues come into conflict? For example, ethical issues may
come from the need:
– to mitigate or prevent harm
– to balance and respect the environment, the rights of nature and future generations
– to balance and respect the rights of different stakeholders
– to satisfy needs (what kind of needs? what quantities and on what scale? for whom?)
– to resolve conflicts between ethical and financial value
– to transform a dysfunctional corporation or corporate environment into an ethical
b) Analysis of each specific actions causing the ethical issues you have determined:
-evaluate each action using the 3 approaches (1. deontological, 2. consequentialist, 3. with
respect to
future generations and Nature) in order to demonstrate whether the action is ethical
-clearly present your position on each action and the responsibility of the different
4. Develop and evaluate possible alternatives concerning the actions in question considering
the precautionary principle, the sustainable development goals, our current mode of
– What is the expected outcome?
– What is the potential benefit/harm?
5. Your analyses and evaluation should generate questions to pose to your audience which may
concern the actions creating the ethical issues, the alternatives you propose, the measures
that have been taken or that need to be taken, or related issues that you would like to
explore. Formulate open questions (that is to say, no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions) to discuss with
the class.
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