Importance of Strategic HRM planning

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Importance of Strategic HRM planning

Instructions to candidates:

a) Time allowed: 5 hours

b) Answer 3 questions in total, Question 1 is mandatory, answer any 2 other questions in Part B

c) Marks for sections of questions are shown in ( )

d) The number of marks allocated for each section should determine the length of your answer and the amount of time you spend on it

e) Read each question through before answering any part of it


This open book assignment serves several learning objectives. The first is to give you the opportunity to verbally present your ideas. The second is to give you the chance to argue a case for something and to respond to opposing points of view. These are two very important skills that you will frequently use in the world of work. I will be looking at the; quality of your argument and analysis, and the extent to which you are able to draw on the academic literature, the extent of reading and preparation evident in your paper and the depth of knowledge about the subject and the understanding of key topics

Specific Requirements:

• The paper should include plenty quality academic sources. (Books and/or Academic Journals).

• The paper should be submitted in MS Word on Moodle.

• The reference should use the Harvard Referencing Style.

• The word count should be 2000 words (+/- 10%)

• Please include a cover page

• Font: Times New Roman – size 12

• 1.5 paragraphs

• All assignments will be carefully analysed by hand and using anti-plagiarism software.

* * * Plagiarism is a serious offence * * *

CCT Rules of Conduct:

1. This is an open book assessment and you may use books, notes and other material to support your answer.

2. This assessment is to be completed without the assistance of any other person, students continue to be subject to the CCT Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism Policy and must ensure that all work submitted is their own. Where external sources are used, these should be referenced appropriately.

3. The completed assignment is to be uploaded through the link provided on Moodle, please note all assessments will be reviewed with Urkund.

4. Where examples are sought, it is important to fully explain the examples given.

5. Do not cut and paste material from other sources, a mark of 0 will be awarded for content submitted in this form. You can use sources to support your arguments but not to form the central part of the answer

6. The college reserve the right to call any student for a viva voce (interview) to confirm the written work submitted.

7. Failure to attend / participate in or submit a remote assessment, except where otherwise authorised, will count as an assessment attempt for the purpose of calculating module marks, entitlements to repeat opportunities and, for award stage student, access to award classifications above a pass award.

8. Late submission of an open book exam is not permitted. Failure to submit within the agreed submission period will be treated as a non-submission and a mark of 0% will be applied. See previous point

9. Commencing online exams, quizzes or practicals, and submission of open book exams or CAs is confirmation of a student’s understanding of their obligations and agreement to CCT regulations, policies and procedures

10. Students must notify the college without delay, if they experience any technical issues during the remote assessment. All such matters should be directed to or by telephone on +353 1 571 1008 using PIN: 861 411 385#

Question 1 is mandatory.

Part A

Question 1

Drawing upon relevant theories, models and empirical evidence from the research literature critique the following statement “Human Resource Management must be aligned carefully with Company Strategy.”

[40 marks]


Answer any two (2) questions from the below

Part B

Question 2

Evidence suggests that Innovation is important to Strategic HRM. Using critical analysis, discuss this statement and investigate the key components to collaboration success with relevant industry and case examples.

[30 marks]

Question 3 The strategic thinking wheel is a four stage process; identifying, diagnosing, conceiving and realising. Draw the diagram and critically evaluate the process and provide a relevant situational example.

[30 marks]

Question 4

List three theoretical models of pay and performance. Critically assess each model and provide industry and case examples that are clearly linked to theory.

[30 marks]

Question 5

Explain the importance of Strategic HRM planning to an organisation. What are the factors that an organisation should take into consideration as part of the Human Resources Planning Process? Please provide industry and case examples in your answering.

[30 marks]