Industrial Psychology: Information Management

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Industrial Psychology: Information Management

Part 1 – 800 words

You are an industrial psychologist working at Dischem in the Human Capital Division which is based at the Head Offices in Cape Town. Over the past six months, you have noticed a change in people’s behaviour. Some of the changes that you have noticed include absenteeism from work, conflict between colleagues, and a decline in employee motivation and morale. You believe that these negative and costly changes are a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and that people within your company are highly stressed.


Your responsibility as an industrial psychologist is to look after the health and wellbeing of the employees in your organisation. You have decided to embark on a new project to generate a deeper understanding of the changes that have taken place in your company. One of the initiatives that form part of your project is to develop a psychological measure that measures the stress levels of the employees at Dischem. You understand that one of the most important phases of developing a psychological measure is the Planning Phase.

You are required to write-up on the process and steps that you would follow in the Planning Phase of developing your psychological measure. The psychological measure will be used to measure the stress levels of employees and to inform the design of future stress-management workshops at Dischem.

Part 2  200 words

In this discussion forum you will share how to implement POPI(Protection of Personal Information Act) in every company use

Add a thread to this discussion forum and:

  1. In one paragraph, identify how the organisation you are working for, must change and adapt its practices to ensure it complies with POPI. Give a practical example. (for those who are straight out of school, consider how the school should adapt to ensure that students information is protected)