Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills

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Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills

Instructions for Assessment 1


Assessment item No.:1
Assessment type:Report
Assessment name:Case analysis
Description:You need to analyse the assigned case in the context of cultural differences. This includes identifying intercultural communication problems and relating them to theories/models covered in lectures. Based on existing literature, provide recommendations on how these problems can be overcome.
Length / Duration:1500 words ±10%
Formative or Summative:Formative and Summative
Relates to learning outcomes:Unit objectives: 1, 2, 5 and AOL goals: KS (1.1), HO (2.1; 2.2), PC (3.1)
Internal / External:Internal
Individual / Group: Individual
Due date:


Week 5: Friday 27 March 2020, 11:59 pm

Submission Requirement

 Upload a Word file on Blackboard under the Assessment link.

 Required Structure

  • Cover Page
  • Title of assessment
  • Your name and student ID
  • Tutor’s Name
  • Word count
  • Introduction
    • Very briefly identify the purpose of the report and its subject
  • Identification of Problems/Issues
    • Identify ALL issues/problems related to culture and communication. Categorise them into intercultural issues, intercultural verbal communication issues, and intercultural nonverbal communication issues. Demonstrate understanding of those issues through citing appropriate sources.
  • Literature Review
    • Select a model/framework covered in lectures (slides available on Blackboard under Assessment). Briefly justify suitability of the culture/communication model or frameworks chosen. Critically review the culture/communication model or framework using a wide range of literature. This means briefly describe it, note its strengths and weaknesses, and then briefly conclude the review.
  • Case Analysis
    • Explain ONLY FIVE issues/problems (identified in the Identification of Problems/Issues section) using the model or framework reviewed in the Literature Review section and/or any other models or frameworks or concepts covered in lectures.
  • Recommendations
    • Based on the case analysis, provide recommendations on how the problems/issues could be resolved/avoided. Prioritise and justify the recommendations.
  • References
    • QUT APA6 for all referencing. Refer to CITE WRITE on the library website for details. We expect you to use a RANGE of references (e.g., books, journals, industry magazines and newspapers). Please only include references for material that you have USED in the report – not material that you have simply read.

 Required Format

  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Write in formal language. Avoid first and second person pronouns (e.g. I, we and you). Use the 3rd person – “It is suggested…” – to create a sense of emotional detachment and impartiality.
  • Ensure that you use non-discriminatory, inclusive language
  • Number all pages
  • Ensure that the in-text references and the references list at the end of the report use the QUT APA6 Referencing Style
  • DO NOT include table of contents, tables, and appendices
  • The word limit is 1500 words – in this unit the convention is that 10% over the limit is acceptable. If you exceed this limit, a 10% penalty on the assignment’s overall mark will be applied. Reports that do not include a word count on the cover will be assumed to be over the limit and receive a 10% penalty. All words (excluding the title page and references list) are included in the word count.

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Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills