International Business Weekly Discussions

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International Business Weekly Discussions

Gross Domestic Product – The China Perspective

China has a total of 4.9 trillion GDP in 2009. If current trends continue, China may be the world’s largest economy by 2020.

Discuss the possible implications of such a development for

(a) the world trading system,
(b) the world monetary system.
(c) the business strategy of today’s European and U.S.-based global corporations, and
(d) global commodity prices.

Go to The World Bank (Links to an external site.) website and find China’s country information to support your discussion.

Political & Economic Systems

Describe the ideologies of two different political systems. Select two different countries of your choice for a comparison.

  • Do these beliefs affect the Economic System?
  • How does the legal system affect the attractiveness of a country as an investment site and/or market?

Cultural Difference

Visit the World Business Culture (Links to an external site.) website and choose two countries that appear to be culturally diverse.

Compare the culture of those countries and then indicate how cultural differences influence:

  • The cost of doing business in each country
  • The likely future economic development of that country
  • Business Practices

Trade Theory

Why do people trade? When answering this question consider the history of trade and how trade has influenced history. Consider the theories of Absolute and Comparative Advantage.  Incorporate thoughts on the Ricardian model, Heckscher (1919) – Olin (1933) Theory, Leontief Paradox and the New Trade Theory.

Global Cities

Read the article The Problem with Being Global (Links to an external site.) and answer the following:

  • How can a global city accommodate both the global and local identity?
  • What are two needs of local residents that should not be ignored and why?
  • Explain two or three consequences that may occur if a global city exiled the middle and working class?