International Relations of the Middle East

1. How did the shift from the cold war international system to theUS dominated post-cold war international system affect the Middle East?
2. How has the US invasion and occupation of Iraq impacted the politics of the middle
3. Discuss the proposition that the “MiddleEast” itself is an invention of “western”
international relations.
4. What are the causes of anti-Americanism in the middle east? Discuss.
5. The Arab Spring has significantly altered the international relations of the Middle East.
6.‘Political Islam replaced the ideologies of pan-Arabism and Arab Nationalism’. Do you
agree? Discuss with relevant examples.


For this task, you need to select one of the following questions and answer it.

The essay must be 2500words (including footnotes but not including the bibliography)
and include a bibliography of atleast12 scholarly sources. Essays with less or more
words will be penalized.
• Make sure you double space your essay and indicate clearly which question you
are answering by writing the question out in full at the start of your essay.
• The essay will assess your ability to research literature, form a thesis, analyze the
available material and then present a coherent and compelling argument as an
academic essay.
• Essays should refer to a range of material in addition to the required reading and be
correctly referenced.
• Students are expected to do their own research. The basis of this material should be
academic works i.e. chapters in edited books or academic articles in recognised