Internship Progress Report/ Reflection

ASSESSMENT 1: Progress Report/ Reflection
DUE: Monday, Week 7 (Midnight, Darwin time – 11.59 pm)
MARKS: 40%
WORD LIMIT: Maximum 3500 words.
FORMAT: Word Document only.
 State the internship type (Accounting, Management etc),
 Company and your role in one statement.
 What you will be presenting in this report.
 Describe the organisation, its core business, location, spread, national or international image etc.
 Explain the role of your department or division structure, your supervisor/s, your role, reporting
o (Hint: Do you know all the staff members in the department and the reporting lines?
(Particularly names, designation and roles?). Try to develop a diagram and describe key
areas (gather information). Make a simple diagram.
 What is the organisational culture in your placement organisation and did you pick any evidence
of this? (Examples could include training and development opportunities, reporting hierarchies,
work unit structures, communication mediums, and intercultural issues). How do you think (if)
you fit in?
Work Experience
 List the tasks that you are undertaking. What skills have you had from your studies already, and
what are the skills you needed to acquire (and are in the process of doing it?)
o (Hint: refer to your contract, duties listed, and objectives. See if they are matching with
your ongoing work).
 What is the training provided in relation to technical/discipline specific skills (formal and
informal). What did you do to improve your capabilities in the skill and knowledge areas
required for this role? Describe at least one activity in which you participated that improved your
skills/knowledge for this role.
 How did this placement relate to your university learning (your career path – accounting,
marketing, HR etc) which unit contents did you draw from mostly during this placement? What
facets of this content were important in the work that you performed?
(NOTE: Critically reflect on your development as a professional. This need to include technical/discipline
specific skills and personality development.(For this you can use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action,
Result) and applying them to the following: Acquisition, Application, Communication, Team work,
Responsibility, Flexibility, Leadership. For example, you may pick examples of a situation where you
have ‘acquired’ new knowledge, or have been able to ‘apply’ it effectively. You should be able to demonstrate
it using a situation, relating it to the task involved, what action you took and the result or outcome (STAR
method). In doing the above, try to answer the following questions.
1. What did you like the best/least about your placement/organisation? Try to pick up at least one
aspect and describe it (note that this is more about culture, structure, people, administration etc).
2. Were there new experiences and what did you learn from it? Did the experience hone your
specific technical skill and/or made you learn a new skill? Do you feel it helped your professional
development? Which attribute has it helped develop?
3. Did you get any compliments on your work or criticisms and what did they mean to you? How
did you react to this? In hindsight, could you have dealt with these better or differently?
4. Did you face any personal challenges? (for eg. made a mistake, did not have a required skill, had
someone reprimanding you, teamwork). Do you see them forthcoming in future in your career?
And how do you think you will prepare for it?
5. Do you feel that you made a difference to the organisation? What was your contribution to the
workplace in your opinion?
6. What aspects of the placement are you finding the most interesting and most challenging?
7. What are the key highlights of your placement experience? Did it change your career direction?