Introduction to Business Discussion Forum

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Introduction to Business Discussion Forum

Please read the following letter and then respond to the questions below:

Dear Stress Doctor:

My manager is consistently asking me to work overtime, including almost every weekend. I have less and less time available for my family.

As my organization “downsizes” and cuts back staff, it is putting a greater burden on those of us that remain. We work the overtime, we get exhausted, and our families get short changed and even angry. I can’t tell you how many nights I take my laptop home and work until midnight or later just to catch up.

I even feel guilty now taking time to watch my daughter play soccer on Saturday mornings. Sure, there’s some decent pay involved, but that doesn’t make up for the heavy price I’m paying with the family.

But you know what? My boss doesn’t get it. I never hear her ask: “You’re working too much, don’t you think it’s time to get back to a reasonable schedule?” No! What I hear instead is “Look at Andy, he’s a real go-getter; Andy hasn’t been out of here one night this week before 8:00 pm.

What am I to do, just keep it up until everything falls apart one day?



Please answer these questions:

1- Is it ethical to expect people to work consistently over and above their agreed upon schedules?

2- Is it ethical for an employer (manager) to reduce staff and then expect those who remain to work longer and harder?

3- How does Work/Life Balance affect productivity?

4- Downsizing is common in an economic downturn, should OverWorked just accept this as reality?

5- What would you as a manager do if you were faced with this situation with your staff?

6- How do you think you will handle your future work/life balance issues?

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