Introduction to International Business

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Introduction to International Business

Format: You are required to include ANY THREE of the specified online activities for weeks 5-9.

You will
Step 1: Start with an introduction to the task and refer to the activities that you have chosen and your reason(s) for choosing them.
Step 2: Analyse and critically reflect on these three activities (could be one from each week or two from one and one from one week), as long as it is three activities in total.
Step 3: Write a concluding statement where you include a possible strategy that a company can use. This could be any company of your choice, for instance, choose a company in the field in which you want to work one day/work already.

You will choose any 3 of the online activities covered in Weeks 5-9 and then write a personal reflection and analysis on each of the chosen activities. You will have to apply your knowledge and provide unique examples.

Textbook examples will not be considered.

The length of the portfolio is 1500 words.

This is an individual task. You will produce a collection of evidence against a set of questions and activities as a framework with a unique application and personal reflections.
Due: Week 10 Thursday 5 pm (AEST)
Weight: 30%

  • Demonstrate insight and understanding of international business concepts
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the implications of the political, economic, legal, social-cultural and business environments for management and international business leaders
  • Produce an individual reflective journal documenting your thoughts on the topicsof interest in the international business context.
  • Demonstrate digital literacy skills for communication and information sharing in a business context.

What is a portfolio? The learning-tool portfolio is where a learner:

  • reflects on what they have learned
  • encapsulates key aspects of their learning, based on successes and failures as evidenced by the artifacts proposes future development.
  • A portfolio can be seen as both a product and a process.
  • As a product, it holds the work records and documents a learner has produced during a course or program and represents an edited collection of their learning achievements.
  • As a process-oriented tool, it enables learners to monitor their own learning systematically, reflect on their learning performance, present a coherent account of their achievements and obtain feedback on their learning.


 Activity one: Visit the Starbucks website and focus on the Diversity statement


  • How will this be a driver for the growth of this company?
  • Provide two examples of how diversity can/ are used in your workplace.

Activity two: Watch the video on Why Starbucks failed in Australia


  • What went wrong? List three mistakes.
  • As Chief Operations Manager what would you do differently? Provide examples where appropriate.

Activity three: Watch the video on Amazon Global Logistics at 1:46min

  • Make notes on how technology will change the face of service delivery for the future
  • Make notes on how technology will change the logistics and delivery channels for the future
  • Make notes on what kinds of skills they are looking for now to fill those skills gaps they will need in the future.