Introduction to Management: Emotional intelligence

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Introduction to Management: Emotional intelligence Your Task

You are to research (include referencing) and analyse the two questions below:

Assessment Description

Question 1: (450 words worth 13 marks)

 Emotional intelligence is considered an important element in workplace relations. Today there is a mix of people working face to face and remotely from home, which can challenge how these relationships are formed.

  • Explain the concept of emotional
  • Discuss how emotional intelligence can be identified by comparing different work situations, such as working when there is direct contact with colleagues and customers compared to being in a remote environment where there is limited face to face
  • Discuss what challenges could potentially exist in these

 Question 2: (450 words worth 13 marks)

 Working in teams is important for many workplaces and as an individual it can be essential to feel you are a part of the team. The relationships that exist in workplace teams can also impact on individual and organisational effectiveness and productivity.

  • Discuss how team relationships are formed in the
  • Explain how organisations can be challenged in developing high performance teams in the current environment especially with so many people working from

 Learning Outcomes:

LO1:Critically examine the roles of managers and the organisation of work.
LO3:Discuss the nature of work and the types of commitment to it in societies and organisations.

Introduction to Management: Emotional intelligence Your Task