Introduction to Managing and Leading People

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Introduction to Managing and Leading People

Knowledge and Understanding

K1: To understand the role of managers and leaders in leading and managing the human aspects within the Global Organisational Arena (supports programme outcome

K2: To have an insight into the key management and leadership activities associated with managing change to impact positively on organisational performance.


S1: To design a set of considered recommendations which impact positively on leading and managing people in an organisation


One of the challenges facing managers in the 21st century is managing and leading people within the workplace. As future managers, specialists and employees, you have been set the following;

This is an individual assessment. You are expected to design and develop an Academic Poster which can be used to identify, educate, and inform managers about the role and purpose of Managing and Leading People in the workplace.

You have a choice from the following topics, you only choose ONE topic:

  1. Individual differences, perception and employee behavior and its potential effects within an organization.
  2. Motivation to work and meaning of work
  3. Group Behaviour and Team Development within Organizations
  4. Leadership and its approaches
  5. Managing Change within an organization
  6. Management Power, Control and Politics within an organization

The composition of the Academic Poster is as follows:

 Main Task
To do:•   Design and develop an informative academic poster to educate managers on
 the importance of your chosen topic. Your poster must contain the relevant
 theories, models and approaches relevant to the subject area chosen.

Assessment Criteria

The University of Sunderland Undergraduate Criteria will be used to assess this assessment and in addition;

Relevance: the extent to which you express and explore the chosen area within the assessment.

Originality: the extent to which there is evidence of insight and originality in the academic poster.

Creativity and Imagination: the extent to which the academic poster is insightful, imaginative and creative.

Within your academic poster it is expected you draw from relevant academic literature from text books, journals and relevant websites.

Reading List

Please access your reading list from the library website. To access it, please go to and search for your module.

Assessment Regulations

For further information regarding Assessment Regulations, extenuating circumstances or extensions and academic integrity, please refer to your Programme Handbook on the University of Sunderland in London information page on Canvas

Submission guidelines

There are currently two steps that you need to follow to ensure that you successfully submit your work for marking. Your submission links will become available approximately 3 weeks prior to your submission deadline, along with detailed instructions on how to submit your assignment, but in the meantime please feel free to also watch this Assignment Submission Instructions video.


You will be marked in accordance to the University of Sunderland assessment criteria attached below. The assessment criteria covers; Relevance, Knowledge, Analysis, Argument and Structure, Critical Evaluation, Presentation, Reference to Literature.