Introduction to Psychology

Remember, part of cultivating your own scientific literacy means that each DQ must contribute in your own unique way to our understanding of psychology. Each DQ must have a minimum of two references and in-text citations. One of which MUST be from a peer reviewed academic journal and the other must be list the course textbook. You are free to add more so long as the minimums are met. Carefully read the rubric and ensure you understand the criterion in which your assignment will be evaluated for its psychological scholarship.

Please read Module 2.3 and pay particular attention to the ethics of full consent before a human being participates in a study and their right to not having to worry about any loss, harm or damage. Next read the attached "Retracted Article" and give your scientific evaluation as to whether or not the authors research was ethical or non-ethical and discuss the impact the article had on the dignity of the research participants. Be sure to substantiate your conclusions with at least one additional peer reviewed journal article.