LB5228 The Changing Business Environment

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LB5228 The Changing Business Environment

College of Business, Law & Governance

Instructions to Students:

Section A: 2 x Case Study Questions. Case Study attached in a PDF File

Section B: 2 x discussion questions

 Total marks = 50 marks

Type all of the questions in this answer booklet.

SECTION A Case Study Questions (15 marks each- Total 30 marks)

 Read Does Culture Matter? Case Study &

Write approximately 400-500 words for each question.

  1. Your immediate boss is an Australian investor who wishes to invest approximately $1 million AUD in one of three provided online retail stores. As a business analyst, you need to do an in-depth analysis of Australian cultural dimensions (based on Hofstede’s) and identify and justify which one of these three companies would be the best fit for Australian market.


  1. You are the business development manager for Flipkart (India) which is now looking to expand in Thailand. Based on the Hofstede’s dimensions what would be some of the cultural challenges in successfully running the business in Thailand?

Identify and justify any two major changes that Flipkart will need to make in its business model prior to launching in Thailand. 


SECTION B Discussion Questions (10 marks each- Total- 20 marks)

 Write approximately 300-400 words for each of these questions.

  1. Discuss at least 10 SDGs in depth that are, in your opinion, are the most crucial for achieving sustainable livelihoods among the people who live in third world countries?

What are the difficulties lying in the way of achieving them?


  1. As per Harrison (2014), “In globalisation, the poor do not necessarily become poorer as the rich become richer, but rather, that the income of the rich increases at a faster rate than the income of the poor. This can show that the overall income per capita is rising, which is a good thing, but the system may be unfair”.

 Discuss, to what extent does globalisation increase the inequality of income both within and between countries? Why do you think it happens?