leadership strategies used by the nurse executive

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Leadership strategies used by the nurse executive

Topic: Administrative Principles
Identify leadership strategies used by the nurse executive to engage staff in the decision-making process.
Give examples of how leadership invites participation and task commitment from staff, coworkers, and others.

Expert Partial Solution 

Transformational Leadership: Transformational leadership strategy impels nurse executives to teach other staff members on how to become leaders in their respective workplaces by taking part in the development of viable solutions to logistical issues.

Democratic Leadership: Through a democratic leadership strategy, nurse executives involve staff in the decision-making processes during procedural changes. Clinical nurse leaders gather the opinions and ideas of other nurses, then refine them with the expectations of coming up with practical approaches to enhance the quality of healthcare that they are providing.

Autocratic Leadership strategy: …Read more

Bureaucratic Leadership strategy: …Read more

Laissez-faire Leadership strategy: …Read more


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leadership strategies used by the nurse executive