Leading and Managing in Global Environment

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Leading and Managing in Global Environment

Assignment Objective and requirement:

Your assignment is to present an analysis of your own organization (Use United Technologies Corporation, or Goodrich Aerospace, or Pratt and Whitney), focusing upon the cultural, structural and change management (processes and strategies) issues associated with any significant change experienced in the recent past or anticipated in the near future and to present practical recommendations. (reference academic materials to this assignment is ”ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR” by Devid A. Buchanan and Andrzej A. Huczynski)


The following should be covered in your assignment:

1) Background: Max 300 words. Identification of management of change situation and the context; this will include only a very brief background to the organization, its product/service, location, employment, business strategy and goals being pursued.

2) Analysis and discussion of change management: This is the most important part of the assignment. You will need here to blend in relevant concepts and frameworks from the course

  1. a) Clearly identify processes, strategies and ways to reduce resistance in change management.
  2. c) Cultural Changes.
  3. d) structural issues associated with the organizational change.

3) Pre and Post Change management, Application of Theory in Merging and Acquisition, or Implementation of new Technologies, or Change of Management.

4) Conclusions and any recommendations for change, improvement and/or learning that follow from your analysis and discussion.

5) Word count: 3000 words +/-10%. Use Harvard referencing style. Must be MS word or PowerPoint.

6) Your answer should focus upon one or more particular change initiatives and draw explicitly upon the course materials in those areas to produce a well-balanced and integrated examination of the issues concerned.

7) Blend together nicely practical experience with the insights that can be gained using academic materials from the course you should certainly aim to draw upon the ideas, concepts and frameworks materials and incorporate them in your analysis.

8) Any internal or consultancy reports (etc.) on actual management of change situations in your organization can of course be referred to as ‘evidence’ in your assessment or used as secondary source materials. However, they should not be used to substitute for your own analysis and recommendations.

Marks will be awarded based on the following broad distribution:

1) Identification of issues and clear rationale 10%

2) Understanding shown of relevant concepts and literature 25%

3) Quality of analysis, critical reasoning and application 25%

4) Quality of evidence used to back up arguments 20%

5) Integration between themes and through sections 10%

6) Quality of presentation 10%