Leading civility in the workplace

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Leading civility in the workplace

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With civility in action, everyone on the team feels authentically respected and valued. Civility leads to mutual respect, effective communication, and team collaboration. A civil, professional atmosphere is ENERGIZING! It promotes positive relations that enable the team to deliver the best possible performance, wherever it may be: in an effective educational classroom, such as here at Walden; or in a high-quality, safe patient care environment where you work.

Civility does not just happen naturally. People from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are expected to work together in high-stress and high-stakes work environments. It takes conscious willingness from everyone to engage in genuine discourse to seek common ground for the best outcome, which in our case means delivering high-quality, safe patient care.

Treating one another with respect is requisite to communicating effectively, building community, and creating high-functioning teams. Civility involves truly listening and understanding others’ points of view. Who doesn’t want that? GO TEAM!

View the two video scenarios below in which to focus for this Discussion. Note that YouTube provides a transcript of each video as well.

  • Consider how civility and collaboration affect your role as both a student and a nurse.
  • Consider the importance of the nurse’s role on the team.

Case 001: A Case for Improvement – YouTube

Case 001: Best Practices – YouTube

Post a 3-paragraph response (of at least 350 words) after viewing the two scenarios.

  • Provide two concrete examples of how communication styles differ between the two scenario videos.
  • How does effective communication positively impact patient care?


Leading civility in the workplace