Legal and Ethical Issues in Occupational Therapy

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Legal and Ethical Issues in Occupational Therapy

SCO110 Legal and Ethical Issues in Occupational Therapy                                               

Professor Regina Lehman

Advocacy Project Assignment

This assignment connects to the SCO101 Application of a Craft Activity to an Assigned Population. You will remain in the same assigned groups for this assignment.

Read the directions carefully. Please note that this is an individual assignment. You may communicate with the members of your group to discuss your research and advocacy ideas; however, all submissions must be from each individual student.

Population Assignments:

Group #1: Older Adult – Active / Well Population = Briana, Kedwarin, Kally, Heba. Keisha

Group #2: Middle Aged Adult – Active / Well Population = Michelle, Alena, Meer, Saidat, Aziza

Group #2: Teenager – Active / Well / High School Aged Population = Sangye, Tania, Ariella, Ebram, Dorota

Group #4: Preschool Aged Child (3-4 years old) – Active / Well population = Dooa, Mary W, Jared, Radwa, Mary B

Utilize the Internet to explore organizations in your neighborhood, borough, or New York City at large that provide services to your assigned population. Select one for the completion of the assignment. Some examples of these organizations include:

  • Faith-based Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • High School Classroom
  • After School Program
  • Universal Pre-K
  • Mental Health Support Hotline
  • Clubs
  • Day Care Center
  • Senior Center
  • Adult Day Care
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Wellness Center
  • Telehealth Services

 Part One: Overview (1 page) – Provide the following information:

  • Name & address of organization
  • Name of Administrator or Director
  • Mission Statement
  • Public or Private
  • Services provided to the population
  • Staffing – Who is providing the services?
  • Funding Source(s)

Part Two: Occupational Therapy Needs Assessment (1 page) – Consider the information you gathered on the Internet and perform a needs assessment that addresses the following:

  • Identify opportunities for occupational therapy practice
  • Describe the scope and type(s) of occupational therapy services that would be appropriate for the population within the organization and setting
  • Justification for occupational therapy as a valuable asset to the organization

Part Three: Advocacy Letter (1 page) – Write a formal letter to the Administrator or Director of the organization advocating for the addition of occupational therapy services and the employment of a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) to run a craft group for the population served. Your letter should include:

  • The findings of your Needs Assessment.
  • The unique value of occupational therapy
  • The employment of one full-time certified occupational therapy assistant
  • The provision of group interventions using the craft you selected in the SCO101 Application of a Craft Activity to an Assigned Population to support the population’s occupational performance. You are making a case for crafts here.

Part Four: Advocacy Video Spot – Create a 90 second video advocating for occupational therapy services and the importance of the COTA for the population within the organization selected.

Part Five: Reflection (2 paragraphs) – Discuss the ways in which the assignment supported your professional development plan for advocacy, leadership, and professional identity.

Grading Criteria: (25 points total)

Advocacy Assignment – Blackboard Posting                           5 points

Part One – Overview                                                                2 points

Part Two – Needs Assessment                                                5 points

Part Three – Advocacy Letter                                                  5 points

Part Four – Advocacy Video Spot                                            5 points

Part Five – Reflection                                                               3 points