Major reasons for plea bargaining

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Major reasons for plea bargaining

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Plea bargaining is a common practice in every criminal court in the United States. One of the strangest concepts is that the prosecutor enters into an agreement with the defense counsel for the accused. In exchange for a guilty plea, the defendant will receive a fixed punishment that both parties agree on. However, judges often hand down sentences that go against the plea bargain if they disagree with the severity of the sentence (or in their opinion, lack thereof). Typically, the parties inform the judge of the plea bargain prior to the judge imposing the sentence.

Primary Task Response:

What are the major reasons for plea bargaining? Explain. Do you believe that these are all valid reasons? Why or why not? Explain in detail.Is plea bargaining a fair concept to all concerned? Why or why not? Explain.How do you think plea bargaining conflicts with mandatory sentences? Explain. What do you think are the most significant problems regarding plea bargaining? Explain

Expert Partial Solution 

There are various reasons why defendants consider plea bargaining in criminal cases. Here are the major reasons:

  1. To save money: Respondents who are represented by private counsel may reduce expenditure on attorneys’ fees by entering into plea bargains…Read more
  2. To resolve a case faster: Plea bargaining provides defendants with a resolution to the anxiety of being charged with an offense…Read more
  3. To get out of jail: Following the judge’s acceptance of a plea, an offender held in custody (especially the one who may not afford a bail or does not qualify for a release on own recognizance) may get out of jail immediately...Read more

Other reasons for considering a plea bargaining include:

  • To “rap” or plead guilty to take the blame for another party
  • To avoid hassles such as hiring a lawyer for a minor offense
  • Famous people may take a plea to avoid publicity or tarnishing their reputation

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Major reasons for plea bargaining