Managing Technology and Information Resources

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Managing Technology and Information Resources

MGNT 330

Project Assignment (Due May 5)

This semester, we have studied a variety of information systems, including databases, ERP systems, the cloud, mobile applications, social media, and artificial intelligence. Throughout the term, we have emphasized how information systems serve to further organizational strategy.

In this project, you will plan an IS improvement that will help an organization. Whether this is a new deployment or an enhancement will depend on the situation.

Part I: The current organizational environment.

Consider a working environment. It could be your current organization, an organization where you have previously worked, or a fictional organization. Think about the role of technology in the organization and how it assists managers and other employees with efficiency and productivity.

Now, think about the strategies the organization is currently pursuing. Does the organization rely on cost leadership, differentiation, or focus? How might IS technologies contribute to (or be inconsistent with) these strategies? Which strategy would you choose to emphasize in your chosen organization? How do information systems fit in with the strategy you have chosen? Are you able to use any of these three strategies to innovate in ways that may bring new value to the organization?

Using the questions above to guide your thinking, write 300 to 500 words detailing the current state of your chosen organization. Your report should include a section detailing how IS currently being deployed in the organization, as well as a section that outlines the organization’s strategies.


Part II. The desired state of the organization.

Setting a vision or desired future state is the process of defining the desired pathway for a technology deployment. Before adding/changing IS in your organization, you will need to identify what you hope to achieve. Using Porter’s three generic strategies as a reference, describe how these IS technologies will impact cost leadership, differentiation, or focus to give you a competitive edge.

Identify and document current business processes and identify areas where an IS implementation would improve operations.

Be sure to outline your desired future state where one of the IS technologies, or a combination of the three, are used in the organizational processes you discussed. 300-500 words.


Part III. Roadmap. 500-1000 words.

Consider the technical and leadership or managerial requirements of rolling out an IS initiative across the areas you have identified. Cover the following questions in your answer:

  • Who should be involved in implementing the proposed initiative, and what should the scope of their roles be?
  • How does the proposed initiative fit in with the business strategy and IT strategy?
  • What are some technical considerations (e.g., scale, security) and requirements for implementation?