Margrit Eichler there are a series of concepts

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Margrit Eichler there are a series of concepts

1)According to Margrit Eichler, there are a series of concepts she referred to as “internal dimensions”. While this list is by no means complete, her five dimensions provide a framework for analyzing the diversity of Canadian families. (1) Identify and describe the five dimensions Eichler proposed and explain how each can be used to analyze the diversity of Canadian families. (2) Which of Eichler’s dimensions do you think has the greatest impact on family relationships? Explain. (3) How does Eichler’s views of the family differ from that of Murdock and Coser? What was their definition?

2) Throughout history, civilizations of diverse origins have used media. Mass media, however, have not always existed; that is, they have not always been available to large numbers of people. (1) Identify and describe the four stages of media, each of which marks a revolutionary turning point. (2) Based on the four stages, explain what is meant by the “Global Village”. (3)
How, in your opinion has the global village emerged and explain how the global village led to the production of tribalism among people from diverse backgrounds.

3)(1) Is the “Global Village” good for diversity? (2) Based on what we have read throughout this course, identify and explain the four presented reasons and discuss whether or not Canada and our national culture is being shaped and/or threatened by television imperialism, including the stories’ television shares.