Marketing Assignment Guidance

This document is designed to answer any questions you may have about the assignment. It is based on some of the questions we have been asked over the last weeks. This is a quick guide/checklist of what needs to be in each element of the portfolio. There is some more detailed information within this document, so please read through to the end! This document includes:

Please read the guidance carefully


  1. Front cover sheet which includes:
    • Title of your work
    • Module title and code
    • Module Leader and Seminar Tutor
    • Number of words
    • Your student assessment number (J Number)
  1. Task 1

Introduction to company/background/current market situation etc

  1. Task 2

Justification for choices of promotional methods – no more than two should be discussed

  1. Task 3
    • Creative campaign – examples of promotional methods (storyboards, radio scripts etc) with an explanation.

More detailed guidance overleaf

Marketing Assignment Guidance



Set your portfolio out as per the assessment brief and see below. Use the subheadings as set out here!


A short commentary on the company and perhaps the industry within which it operates.

Tell me a little about the industry – for example if you are focusing on Peloton you could tell me briefly about the growth in that market, the demand for exercise at home etc etc

Go beyond just looking at the company website and regurgitating this info. Perhaps include some information from elsewhere. Company reports etc.

The broader the range of sources the better the grade!

  • Brief introduction to the company and its current situation
  • Must go beyond the case study scenario given/ Evidence of organizational research beyond the case study information provided – by this we simply mean you must not rely on the case study we have given you much undertake research above and beyond the info provided!
  • Reference to relevant sources
  • Inclusion of persona in appendix – simply cut and paste your persona from assignment 1 and attach it to an appendix at the end of your document
  • If for any reason you did not produce a persona for assignment 1 then you must complete and append it. Please see assignment 1 brief and the relevant Moodle tiles for further information.


We know there are a variety of different methods of promotion, but you just need to focus on 2.

You may want to introduce the section by briefly suggesting which other methods might also be used, but the main focus must be on TWO methods of promotion. These may be the ones you think work best together so you may talk about TV and radio, Radio and internet advertising, TV and social media, press and social media etc etc etc. You may select methods that haven’t been discussed in great detail in class i.e. billboards/outdoor advertising, it is entirely your choice as to what you think would be the best option! You should talk about why these two methods would be the best for the company. So you may talk about advantages and disadvantages of your chosen method and use evidence to support this – Academic references from text books and journal articles, practitioners references from Marketing publications (i.e Marketing Week), organisations such as RAJAR/BARB (as discussed in class) etc etc.

You must not tell me what the adverts will include/look like. You are justifying why these would be the most useful methods for the company to use.

A useful tip here is to imagine that you are explaining to your marketing director why they should focus on these two methods over and above other promotional choices. In a work situation a manager would not invest   in a campaign if it hadn’t been fully justified to them! So think about why they should invest in the promotional methods you are recommending!

Marketing Assignment Guidance


This is where you can talk about what your ads might look like. So, if you choose to talk about TV and Social media you will include a storyboard advert and a sample of a social media page. **You should write some text alongside this to explain what is happening in the ad, how consistency will be maintained in the campaign etc etc. You can cut and paste pictures here, or draw and photograph the examples. It is up to you how you wish to attach your examples, as long as it is clear for us to see.

These will be attached are NOT included in the word count!

If you are using stock images then you do not need to reference these images when developing your creative campaign. If they are quite specific and/or are copy writed then you must reference them in your work!

Tip – bear in mind – this section is worth 30% so you will need to include more than just images in this section! See ** above!


You must include your seminar tutors name on the front cover of your assignment

You must include your seminar tutors name on submission title of your document when you upload to Turnitin

Anything submitted after 12noon will be subject to a late penalty if you have not submitted an extension request with supporting evidence

You may contact your seminar tutor for a tutorial slot to discuss your assignment

Marketing Assignment Guidance