Marketing communication tools and strategies

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Marketing communication tools and strategies

Pick any brand of your choice for the analysis.
1. Brand: Myer

  1. Need having issues or problem
  2. Provide solutions using marketing communication tools
  3. Analyse by using marketing communication terms such as USP, Brand promotion, strategies, ets

 Instructions & Formatting

In a report-style format, conduct an analysis of the brand of either Myer or David Jones. You have been asked to identify and describe the brand, identify the marketing communication tools and strategies, and to critically discuss the brand’s IMC practice and make suggestions for improvement.

  • APA 6th (Peer Reviewed only)
  • Font: New Times Roman or Arial
  • Size 12
  • 5 or double line spacing
  • Cover letter/Executive summary not required

 Report Contents

Identify and describe the brand

Which brand have you chosen to analyse? (Myer)

What is the current context the brand is operating in? Give an overview of the background & current situation.


Who do you believe is the target audience of the brand’s current IMC activity? Please profile the target audience.

Give a general overview of the IMC marketing communication campaign (one campaign) you are reviewing (i.e when did this campaign appear? What messages appeared in the campaign? What platforms did you see this campaign on?)

Identify the marketing communication tools and strategies

Identify at least two tools they have used in the campaign (i.e. traditional media or contemporary media? TV, Radio, sponsorship, sales promotions, focus on digital etc?).

Provide a link to the tools in an appendix (for example, copy & paste a copy of the print advertisement or link to videos/TVC in the appendix).

Identify what you believe the objective of the marketing communication activity is. For example, is it to make the customers aware of the brand? To influence their attitude about the brand? Explain why you believe this is the objective they have set. Talk about how these channels are relevant for the target audience, what channels work etc. Are they aiming to build a long-term relationship with customers?

What type of advertising strategy do you believe they are using? For example, does it use USP, Brand image, Pre-emptive? Explain why you believe they are using this strategy.

Apply the SIVA framework to the brand’s current IMC campaign.

What Solution are they offering?

What Information sources exist for the brand?

What Value does the brand currently offer?

How do consumers currently Access the brand?

(For reference, you can keep this table in mind and use it as a guide/tool to go in-depth with your analysis. Source: please refer to Pg 21 from your textbook)

Critically discuss the brand’s IMC practice.

Considering the brand’s current context, do you think their target audience and objectives are appropriate? Explain why or why not.

Do you believe their advertising strategy approach is appropriate? Explain why or why not.

Do you believe their current marketing communication tools are appropriate? Explain why or why not.

Consider how the brand might improve their marketing communications

Based on the information you’ve gathered for this report, how do you believe the brand could improve their marketing communication?