MG2133 Human Resource Management

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MG2133 Human Resource Management

Answer three questions

  • Discuss flexibility concept and how can this be applied to the world of work? (800-900 words) 
  • Define recruitment and selection. What factors should an employer consider in deciding who to employ, and what factors should an employer consider before sending employees on expatriate assignments?  (800-900 words)
  • Explain what is meant by workplace diversity and identify and discuss what a business benefit from adopting a policy of workplace diversity. (800-900 words)
  • Begin your essay with a strong introduction. This should introduce and define the key concepts relating to your debate. You should outline the aims and introduction of your essay. Your conclusion should summarise the key messages in your essay.
  • Your essay should be grounded in relevant academic theory. It is anticipated that each essay question will contain a minimum of 10 references to sources such as textbooks and journal articles. You are not likely to have covered enough theory if you have not consulted at least 10 articles or books – for those wanting a higher mark then wider reading would be needed. Your essay must be referenced throughout. Better answers use authors’ views to create a full critical debate. A full listing of these references should be presented, using the standard prescribed referencing format, at the end of the essay. Avoid unreliable internet sources and never cite from Wikipedia.
  • Please note when academics are assessing your essays we look out for the following dimensions:
  • Research and use of resources

This refers to the level of research effort and degree of scholarship, with a particular emphasis on obtaining evidence from authoritative sources.

  • Analysis and argument

The work should be focused on answering the specific question set and should be analytical in its approach (not just describing the topic under consideration).  The work should draw on relevant theory, concepts and models as discussed in the literature. It should demonstrate a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of this material and of its value in enhancing understanding of the issues under consideration. 

  • Linking theory and practice

Where applicable, the work should demonstrate the ability to make relevant connections between theory and practice .

  • Structure, Style, and Presentation

The work should read in a clear and logical manner from start to finish. It should be proof-read and corrected to avoid typographical and grammatical errors. The introduction should set out the structure and content of the essay and the direction and conclusion of the argument to be pursued. All sources used should be properly referenced using the Harvard system. This means citing authors, dates of publication and (where appropriate) page numbers in the text and providing full references at the end of the work. All work must be paginated and 1.5 or double-spaced in minimum plus the font size of 12.