MKTG 1126-Festival Description

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MKTG 1126-Festival Description

You will create a 2 day festival and prepare the following:

Festival Description

  • Produce a creative and suitable name and logo for your festival and use it on the cover page of the assignment

– Describe your festival in a paragraph providing an overview of the festival

Festival Programming

  • Provide information on the types of artists, talent, activations, amenities and offerings you are planning for the festival.
  • Create a festival schedule

Market Assessment

  • Conduct a PESTLE Analysis
  • Describe your target market using demographics, psychographics and geographics

Competitive Analysis

  • Conduct a thorough competitive analysis identifying a minimum of three direct and three indirect competitions that exist.
  • Describe the competing events, locations, dates, their target markets, how much are their tickets?

Community Involvement

  • Describe a minimum of three distinct interest or geographical group(s) that you would engage with to foster community involvement and buy-in to your festival
  • Describe a creative activation for each group that would add value to your event and help them engage with your audience

Corporate Sponsors

  • Describe 3 companies you would approach for sponsorship and the rationale for choosing these companies
  • Describe a creative onsite activation for each sponsor that would help them engage with your audience

Date Selection

  • Provide information on the dates of your festival and rationale why you chose them.

Site Selection

  • Compare and contrast a minimum of two sites.
  • Describe the chosen site in detail. Provide photos
  • Why did you choose this site?
  • What is the capacity?

Ticketing Plan and Sales Projections

  • What ticket prices will you offer? Will you offer early bird pricing, package, single day ticket?
  • How many tickets do you anticipate to sell at each price?
  • What is your gross potential?
  • How will you sell your tickets?
  • Are you using tickets, wristbands or something else. Provide an example of what they look like.
  • Will you offer a VIP package? What is the price and what is included?

MKTG 1126-Festival Description