Module three- assignment | Information Systems

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Information Systems


Provide the following ANY FORMAT you wish. If you use references, please cite them, and include a reference page.


Change management historically is an important concept in the delivery of quality of services and projects. Changes that are unmanaged cause many problems and issues with the delivery of services.

You are a new IT Manager in a young IT Technical Service Department. You have the responsibility for the Network, Infrastructure, and Service Desk.

There is no CHANGE control in place. Create your change control document that will include:

1. Levels of change

2. Outline change control process for each level of change (you may use a diagram for this)

3. What is your plan for changes that need to happen immediately?

This is a document that will form the operational guideline for your technical department and deliver quality while controlling changes.

Note: Please refer the document named “Homework Module 3_2021_R2” for more information.
and go through rubrics screenshot.