Nursing 472 Leadership and Professional Development

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Nursing 472 Leadership and Professional Development

Individual Assignment – Worth 100 points

Purpose: Compose a paper that recognizes the role of nursing leadership which includes concepts of power and conflict within a case study and the application of delegation and communication strategies to create a win-win outcome.

Due Date: See course calendar for due dates. The paper should be submitted to the individual Assessment – Assignments area.

Assignment Details: Apply and reflect on leadership theory. Compose a paper that includes the following components:

  1. What are the dimensions of power and conflict evident in the Critical Thinking Exercise outlined in Chapter 10 on page 174? How could it be possible to turn the situation around?
  2. Describe in detail how delegation could be utilized within this case study.
  3. How can a win-win situation be created?


  1. What power and conflict resolution strategies might be helpful?
  2. What communication techniques would be most constructive?
  3. Discuss disagreements, interference and negative emotions illustrated in the Case Study.
  4. Utilize at least three scholarly references to support your answers (should be less than five years old).
  5. Assignment should meet APA format. All references should be listed. Specific information should be cited per APA format. If unsure of APA format, review APA manual.
  6. Assignment should be 5-7 pages. This excludes title and reference page.

Submit your response by the due date to the individual Assessment – Assignment area.

Course Learning Outcomes that apply to this assignment:

  1. Examine concepts and theories of leadership in managing care.
  2. Explore strategies for navigating change, mediating conflict, delegating and building teams within systems.
  3. Consider the role of the nurse leader as it relates to the provision of ethical, economically sustainable, evidence-based care to individuals, families, groups, and populations across practice settings.
  4. Explore the role of the nurse leader as a member of the interdisciplinary healthcare team.
Grading Criteria: Component Points received
Clarity – 10pts

 Grammatically correct sentences (subject-verb agreement, appropriate verb tense, etc.).

 Appropriate sentence structure and punctuation (no run-on sentences, sentence fragments or awkwardly constructed sentences; correct use of commas, periods, colons, and semicolons).

 Appropriate word usage (no unprofessional or informal/conversational word usage, clichés, jargon, acronyms, misspelled or misused words).


Organization/Development – 10 pts

 Appropriate organization of content into unified and coherent paragraphs.

 Logical and clear arrangement of paragraphs.

 Clear and appropriate topic sentences.

 Documentation includes information and subject matter that addresses the questions and information outlined in Assignment Details.

 APA format used correctly. Reflects APA style organization and guidelines.


Documentation – 20pts

 Appropriate selection and utilization of research materials.

 Appropriate selection and citation of quotations.

 Paper is no more than 7 pages (excluding title and reference page)

 Correct format of documentation (APA).

 Reference list in APA format.


Critical Thinking/Synthesis – 60pts

 Interpretation of assignment, fulfillment of assignment requirements and guidelines

 Range and depth of ideas presented

 Evidence of synthesis of ideas

 Evidence of original thought/analyze content

 Tone, frame of reference, terminology and articulation of ideas appropriate to audience and consistent with purpose of assignment


Total Points /100

Nursing 472 Leadership and Professional Development