Nursing Theories and Practice-slides

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Nursing Theories and Practice-slides

Module 8 Assignment

This week, you will develop a PowerPoint presentation reviewing the theories from each module. Please select one theory from each module (1-8) and answer the following questions. You should have two slides per theory:

  • Describe the theory
  • Provide 3 examples of how the theory applies to current practice
  • Provide 3 positive patient outcomes resulting from utilizing the theory
  • Explain 3 benefits to nursing satisfaction when utilizing the theory
  • Describe two barriers to using the theory in practice and at least one method for overcoming each barrier (support methods with sources)
  • Support from literature clearly noted throughout

The PowerPoint presentation should include at least two outside references and the textbook. The presentation should contain 2 to 4 slides per theory, for a total of 16 to 32 slides.


Describe the Nightingale’s Environmental Theory

Nightingale’s Environmental Theory 

Describe the Nightingale’s Environmental Theory

  • The Environmental Theory was founded by Florence Nightingale (the 1st nursing theorist) in 1860.
  • In this theory, Nightingale asserts that “nursing is the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist him in his recovery.”
  • According to her, nurses should configure appropriate environmental settings for patients to undergo gradual recovery processes.
  • This theory requires nurses to put patients in the “best condition” for nature to act upon them.

Three examples of how Nightingale’s Environmental Theory applies to current practice

  • Currently, caregivers are providing patients with better environment and nursing care in order to hasten their health restoration process.
  • According to Nightingale, one of the nurses’ canons is chattering hopes and today, nurses are providing patients with advises to make them feel better and create a sense of security amongst them.
  • In their determination to ensure better nursing services and good environment, nurses are maintaining personal cleanliness, as well as that of the patients and their surroundings.

Useful sources

TEXTBOOK: Smith, M. C., & Parker, M. E. (2015). Nursing theories and nursing practice (4th ed.).  Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis