Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Medical specialty)

introduction /guidelines:

The module on the obstetric and Gynecology is essential for the students’ understanding of the nursing needs of women with normal pregnancy,labour, puerperium and  gynaecology problems. Able to assist in the provision of care and refer cases that need further management.

Instruction to Students:

You are required to write an essay  of 1000 to 1500 words.

In this assignment you will have to show the understanding of the process of normal pregnancy, labor and delivery, puerperium and care of the neonate and timely recognition of abnormal events. You are required to use terminologies, discuss the physiological changes and management of women in the ante, intra, post-partum period including the care of normal neonate and the use of nursing procedures related to obstetrics and gynecology conditions accordingly.

Reading the gynecology notes will give your ideas of the abnormalities that may occur during the pregnancy, labor and puerperium . So start planning for your essay. As a word of caution the lecture notes given by the lecturer should only be used as a guide in writing the content of your essay, it should not be copied verbatim.

The final result should be that your essay be relevant, appropriate, and useful.


The following Scenarios has been provided to assist you in preparing your essay successfully in this assignment;

  1. Madam Jane is 26 years old, a mother of two children comes to the antenatal clinic complained of amenorrhea for 10 weeks and suspect herself pregnant.

Your essay should start by discussion on confirming her pregnancy, proceed to changes in the anatomical structures & physiology of reproductive system and other body system. Discuss and Identify normal occurrences and discomforts that she might have during the course of the pregnancy. Discuss how to assess obstetrical patient and monitor her throughout the pregnancy. Differentiate between normal & abnormal pregnancy.

  1. After an uneventful pregnancy, she is admitted to the hospital for labour pain. You have been assigned to assist in her care during labor.

Continue your essay by your assessment on her, make the diagnosis of true labour and distinguishing it from false labour. Discuss and Identify stages of labor and the physiological changes that occur and discuss the signs that shows her labour is progressing then proceed to assist in her care throughout all stages of her labour and delivery. Indicate the possibility of complications associated with labor & delivery and the need to consult or refer accordingly.

  1. After a normal delivery, she and her baby was transferred to the postnatal ward.

Discuss the complete care of Madam Jane and her baby till her discharge from the ward. You should show understanding of the normal physiology and psychology, and the pathological changes that may occur in the Puerperium.