Organisational Behaviour and People Management

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Organisational Behaviour and People Management

Context: In this assessment, students are required to analyse a case study that describes an organisation launching projects. In later modules, students work in groups to analyse the actual project. In this assessment, they analyse the leadership styles/approaches they believe to be appropriate for project leadership in this environment. Identifying and analysing leadership styles helps students to prepare for the management of the efforts of individuals who contribute to a project. This also introduces the concepts of power, and how the appropriate use of power can influence these efforts.


Address questions for case study

Students will read the case study and address the following, utilising subject resources and research:

  • Explain why you might choose one of the leadership styles discussed in this module’s learning resources over another style when managing the highlighted project team.
  • Describe which tools and techniques discussed in the resources you might use as a PM to influence this project team.
  • As a project manager, what tools and techniques discussed in the resources are appropriate for managing communication outside of the project group?
  • Explain which of the 5 types of power (as described in Shenoy web article) you would employ to motivate the team members to work collaboratively, and impact the project’s success
  • Explain the methods for developing self-managed teams for Agile projects
  • Explain your reasons for selecting these approaches, referencing any insight you have gained from the module resources and research or your interaction with colleagues in the Module Discussions.
  • Describe the steps you might take, as project manager, to alleviate challenges faced by your project team before those challenges grow so large that they damage the work environment or the final product. Explain why.