Organisational changes in the University of Buckingham

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Organisational changes in the University of Buckingham

Think of the University of Buckingham and what organisational changes you have observed during your study years.
• Name 1-2 planned changes the management of the
university has announced. Think to what extent these
changes have been implemented!
• Think of some emergent changes that you may identified
that have happened but clearly had not been planned by the management.

Think of the University of Buckingham
• How would you describe organisational culture of the
• Can you spot the differences between corporate and
organisational culture.
• Can you name some sub-cultures?
• Reflect – was it easy to describe the organisational culture?
What helped you in this task, and what possible constrains can you name?

Based on your previous reflections:
• Create the Cultural Web for the University of Buckingham;
• Define the paradigm of the university!
If there are some bits of information missing, please make an informed guess.
Based on the previous sections and the cultural web you developed for the University of Buckingham please make suggests in order to:
• To improve your student experience, what changes would you
recommend to the management of the university?
• What should these changes tackle the outputs, behaviours or values?
• What parts of the cultural web should be changed?
Please provide a short description of intended changes in the cultural web

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