Organizational Leadership UU-MAN-3000

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Organizational Leadership UU-MAN-3000

Course Assessment Point- Final Assignment: 60 per cent of
module marks
1. This is an individual assignment, no group work or collaboration is allowed.
2. Ground your answer in relevant theory.
3. Plagiarism and reproduction of someone else’s work as your own will be penalized.
4. Make use of references where appropriate; -Use APA referencing method.
5. Weight- 60%
6. Word count guidance: 3000 words +/- 10%. This does not include the reference list and
any appendices the assignment may include.
7. The assessment must be submitted electronically via ‘Turnitin’.
8. Learning outcomes as indicated on the module outline: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
9. Feedback will be available within twenty working days.

Laurent Ltd is an online portfolio platform in which invests on tea and coffee. Laurent’s major
objective is to maximize its profit. However, the directors of Laurent Ltd have recently noticed that
there were some instances of conflicts and contradictory issues in the online portfolio platform.
Managers have become very conscious about these instances since the company has lost a lot of
money. Subsequently, investors are not satisfied with the overall behaviour of the employees and
they are moving to other institutions; which is reducing the relative market share and market
growth of the company. The investment values of tea and coffee have fallen significantly from the
star phase 40% of the relative market share to the dog phase with a 10% of the relative market

Your task is to indicate how instances of conflict and stress management affect organizational
leadership and how can this issue be dealt within an organization, as well as provide the applicable
steps and strategies that will prevent this from happening in the future. The objective of your
analysis is to help the long term growth of the organization and increase its market share.
Additionally, you must state which is the most beneficial and safe phase according to BCG matrix
the company should be. You must justify your answer with related literature and provide an
example of a leader in the contemporary world that has gone through this experience in real life
and relate it to your hypothetical position.

Students will decide on the appropriate structure and content but we would expect to see the
following elements:
 Introduction: setting the context and structure, addressing the question, the approach to
answering the question.
 Main body of the assignment: Essay content, analysis and review of literature. All the
elements that are included in the assignment must be adequately analysed and supported
with material that is properly cited, paraphrased and referenced from a wide variety of
external sources. You may wish to use visual representations and other analytical tools such
as charts/graphs etc. to assist you to validate your argument.
Not that: you need to consider what to include in the main body of your report and what to include
in the appendices as be as creative as possible. Essential information must be included in the main
body of the report and will be counted in the word count. Extra illustrative information may be
included in the appendices.
 Conclusion: bring together your main points; address the main question and adequately
summarize the findings of your assignment.
 Referencing List