Part A: Video Presentation

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Part A: Video Presentation

This assessment is designed for you to experience the challenges that managers face in
thinking strategically, conceptually and analytically to create effective organisations and
productive work environments. It is in two parts and this is Part A of Assessment 3.
Part A is designed to focus your thinking on more strategic issues from modules five and six
in relation to management, people and teams, whilst requiring you to integrate the
underlying principles discussed in earlier modules. It is in essence your approach and
philosophy to future proofing your organisation (or one you know well).
Part B requires you to critique the Part A video of another student based on your knowledge
of the underlying principles.

Part A
You are to prepare a 5- 10-minute video presentation on your approach to managing your
organisation into the future. Your chosen organisation may be your current or recant
employer or one with which you are very familiar.
The focus of your presentation will be on the topics discussed in modules five and six. For
 Creating an ethical organisation
 Leveraging culture and diversity
 Competitive advantage through strategic people management
 Fostering innovation
It is best to address genuine challenges the organisation faces in these areas, so discuss
other ideas you have with your facilitator.
Your presentation must discuss the challenges faced, your vision or strategic objectives and
importantly, your approach to managing the required strategies and actions.
Whilst you will be focusing on the topics from modules five and six, it is expected that you
will bring into consideration any relevant topics from other modules.
You must also include lessons you have learnt throughout this subject from activities and
previous assessments such as your group assessment. For example, if your chosen topic
was about leveraging culture and diversity, you could identify how this was addressed in
your assessment group and any learnings you can transfer to your workplace challenge.
Presentations must be between 5 to 10 minutes and you are to talk direct to the camera,
that is, no presentation slides are required. You may refer to notes as a prompt but are not
to read them verbatim. In some respects, this may be like a job interview for a senior
management role, so you need to convince the audience that you are capable of addressing
and managing the issues faced.
NOTE: You must provide a list of references to support your presentation. This can be
provided in a separate document and uploaded via the assessment 3 Part A portal.
Your presentation will be assessed and graded by the facilitator against the following
1. Knowledge and understanding of theoretical models
2. Appropriate application of theory to the challenges faced
3. Effective presentation skills – both verbal and non-verbal
4. Use of supporting research

The learning rubric below shows the weighting and description for each of these
Confidentiality: As your presentation will be viewed by another student for completion of
Part B of this assessment, if you have concerns over sensitive company information a
fictitious company name may be used. If you have further concerns, please discuss these
with your facilitator.
Recording Instructions:
The recording of your presentation needs to be of a reasonable quality. Using your
mobile/cell phone or computer would suffice.
Creating your video presentation:
 Create a short video presentation (Length: 5-10 minutes)
 Be specific and clear as you will be assessed on originality and authenticity.
 Your presentation must be in a video format (mp4, MOV, etc.) for uploading into
Blackboard (refer to the link below).
Tips on filming a video presentation is available at:
You must recognise all sources of information; including images that you can include in your
work. Reference your work according to the APA 6th edition guidelines. Please see more
information on referencing here
1) Submission Instructions for grading:
o Submit Assessment 3 Part A digital presentation via the Assessment link in the
main navigation menu. The Learning Facilitator will provide feedback via the
Grade Centre in the LMS portal. Feedback can be viewed in My Grades.
o Make sure you save your video in .mp4 file format and follow the correct naming
convention by putting your name and student number in the file name. Once you
have added your video, click ‘Browse your Computer’ to attach your Reference
list in a Word document to the same submission.

Uploading your video presentation:
 Detail instructions on compressing (if necessary) and uploading your video
presentation is available at:
 After uploading your video presentation for grading, retain a copy in a safe place
as you will be required to upload a second copy into an online group forum. See
instructions below.
2) Second submission – for peer review
The learning facilitator will allocate students to a specific online group forum for
Assessment 3. This will be a closed forum only accessible between the enrolled
student pair and the facilitator. Each student will upload a copy of their final video
presentation from Assessment 3 Part A into their assigned online group and in doing
so, will gain access to another student’s presentation to review and complete
Assessment 3 Part B. This is a compulsory second online submission process that is
necessary to finalise all requirements for Assessment 3.