PDE2: Personal development plan

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PDE2: Personal development plan

Use the following information to develop your workplan
Work Plan:
This plan addresses the following work objective(s):
You are working as an Optical Dispenser in a busy Optical Practice and you are in charge of certain tasks to be completed by the end of each day. You are working together with the following staff members: two Optometrists, 1 Full Time Optical Dispenser, 1 Full Time Optical Assistant, 1 Part Time Optical Dispenser (15 hours per week), 2 Part Time Optical Assistants (24 hours each), 1 Casual Optical Dispenser, 2 Casual Optical Assistants who work an average of (8) eight hours per week.
You are responsible for the following tasks that must be completed during your shift, which is from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm.
You have been allocated one casual Optical Assistant who works from 1:00-5:30 pm to assist you to complete the following daily tasks:
• Follow up phone calls/enquiries
• Repairs
• Face-to-face enquiries
• Daily orders, e.g.: contact lenses, spare parts, etc.
• Unpacking deliveries, e.g.: contact lenses, completed spectacles from the lab, daily post etc. Deliveries arrive at 2.00pm.


Using policies and procedures from your workplace, complete the table below by prioritising these tasks (1 being the most important, 5 being the least important) and explain your decision.

Personal development plan
Reflect on a skills area where you need further professional development and answer the following questions.
You can use an area of your personal/private life if you don’t have an optical skill area to consider.
Briefly describe the area you have identified needing further development

Why is it important that you develop your skills / knowledge in this area?

What combination of development activities do you plan to use?
May include on-the-job and/or off-the-job activities. Please be specific (do not just write ‘on-the-job activities’ or ‘off-the-job’ activities). Provide details of the development activities you have chosen

Timeframe for undertaking development activities

Outline a range of professional development options. Please name at least three

Identify methods to recognise and prioritise personal learning needs

Explain how to store and maintain records and documents relating to achievements and assessments in accordance with organisational requirements

PDE2: Personal development plan