PHIL 4525 virtual ethics Topic Reflections

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PHIL 4525 virtual ethics Topic Reflections

Create one document with the answers to all of these reflections. The length for each of the three entries should be between 150-400 words. Make specific reference to the readings when appropriate. This set of Topic Reflections is due Friday, May 28 by 11:59pm (EDT)

  1. Include your in-class reflection on the discussion of your gut feeling about the FBI agents reportedly pressing the dead gunman’s finger to the fingerprint-recognition feature on his iPhone in an attempt to unlock it. You may add to and/or revise the reflection to take into account our class discussion, and so that it conforms to the suggested word count.
  1. Do you agree with David Chalmers (and Andy Clark), that stealing someone’s iPhone could, in certain circumstances, be essentially the equivalent of assaulting that person? Is this a logical inference to make if we accept the extended mind theory? Explain your answer.
  1. Heidegger believed the essence of modern technology is “Enframing,” seeing nature (and human beings) revealed as resources, and nothing more. But Heidegger was writing about modern technology of the first half of the 20th Century. Do you think Heidegger’s idea holds true for modern information technology—computers, smart phones, the Internet, etc.? Explain your answer.

Useful sources

  • THE EXTENDED MIND by Andy Clark and David Chalmers{1}:
  • Understanding Heidegger on Technology:
  • PHIL 4525 virtual ethics Topic Reflections