Political Structure of Organizations

Every organization employs decision-making in its daily business activities, and politics is a vital aspect of decision-making. Politics involve ongoing contests over the distribution of scarce resources and struggles for power. Politically, organizations are arenas where coalitions with differences over resource allocation and the need to hold power. The political structure of an organization goes hand in hand with power and conflict.

Individuals in an organization sidle themselves with the coalitions that align with their interests. Conflict does not necessarily indicate that things are awry in an organization but show the different coalitions’ conflicting interests (Bolman, L., & Deal, T., 2017). With every group demanding resources, power comes in to help in the decision-making process. Significant decisions on resource allocation are made of by people in power. The bargaining and negotiation skills of the different coalitions determine what goals are achieved and the decisions made in their favor.

According to Randazzo (2021), The United States of America department of justice sued 3M for selling defective earplugs to its personnel knowingly. The company agreed to settle for 9.1 million dollars, although they did not claim liability to avoid negative publicity. The company manipulated fitting procedures to get a better rating on safety tests. 3M went ahead to sell the faulty plugs. A move the management knew. Company’s management’s political agendas saw them seek to earn more profits at the expense of the users.

Politics are a necessary evil in organizations. The difference is whether it is used positively or negatively. The ethical aspect of politics is especially vital in an organization. Those in charge of decision-making processes should be guided by mutuality; all agree with the decision, generality; can apply to all similar cases and openness.


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