Post COVID-19 business environment.

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Post COVID-19 business environment.

Great Britain has voted to quit the association with other European countries, which is to leave the European Union (EU). BY deciding to put an end to several decades relationship with its neighbour, United Kingdom (UK) was also taking control of its destiny in all the domains especially with respect to its territorial borders. In this manner, UK wanted to make sure that illegal immigrants and those who come to benefit freely from the healthcare system, family allowances are not allow in. The process was long, complex, divisive either within many families, workplaces, and the British society in general. People who wanted to stay as part of Europe had their reason, such as carrying the European values, staying in a bigger block and be strong together. On the other hand, those who wanted the separation thought that UK should take its destiny in its own hand. This includes, regaining control over its borders and managing the level of immigration, controlling its economy that is one of the UK strength in the world, etc. Finally, Brexit was pronounced and entered in application since the January 31st, 2020.

This will imply from now on a lot of changes in terms of dealing with the other European capitals. Indeed, the United Kingdom will have to renegotiate different laws and legislations in its dealing with the European block (EU). Therefore, UK companies will go through a lot of restrictions in their dealing and accessing the European market also known as the European single market. This also affects the online shopping, transaction and in short, the e-dealing with European companies. However, the decision makers in the UK believes that this gives the country and the businesses more opportunities and freedom to deal with companies and people all over the world, including companies in Africa, America, China, India, etc. In addition, the UK believes to be able to strike a special deal with the European Union now that Brexit has become a reality.

In this assignment you have been asked to create your own UK company and/or a global company that will be trading with EU, but also all over the world in a safe and normal business environment and write a report. We suppose that the business environment is a post COVID-19 business environment. Please make sure that the report from your business includes the following points:

  1. Explain how you will conduct your analysis before setting up your business. Make use of either ICDT, SWOT, or Porter’s 5 forces model in conducting your analysis.
  1. Include a business strategy that will make use of e-marketing strategies allowing your company to reduce or overcome restrictions in dealing with others such as EU in terms of goods crossing borders, the administrative paperwork that can be a heavy constraint on business activities, etc. Your company might be trading also with the rest of the world.
  1. Take into account the e-selling strategies that will sustain your company and the business model use in order to create more business opportunities, generate more revenues, etc.
  1. Finally, you will include all the risks to your business model. Indeed, you will identify all the risk to your business and how you will mitigate those risks.

Total words count: 2300 (±10%)

Detailed specification of Coursework 2.

  1. An original analysis allowing you to set up a viable and realistic company that would necessitate a strong research.
  • Your business study should include an introduction, a body and a conclusion. In addition, you are recommended to use a Harvard referencing system to reference any external document, book, journal and conference papers used in your work.
  • You have been asked to use one of the models including SWOT/ICDT/Porter’s Competitive

Forces Model defining the type of business (UK or Global company, etc.), reason of the choice and undertake a sound analysis of your business model.

  • Give to your business a good name that might be used to constitute a brand name in your study.
  1. The company’s e-marketing strategies will encompass:
  • The advantages of this business opportunity to make your company more present online.
  • For example, use the 5 stages of customer’s loyalty, the four Ps of the marketing strategy, the

customer-based or product-based marketing strategies etc.

  • How to help boost your business online presence, acquiring more customers (make use of the Funnel Model), etc.
  • How will you offer customers more choices on the web, the possibilities of making more advertisement on the web (cost-effectiveness, etc.).
  • How you can develop your own brand (company name) and try to maintain it on the web.
  • Use of marketing strategies through social media, etc.
  • How will you control search engine and their listing techniques to help your company, etc.
  1. The use of e-selling strategies, which might include:
  • For example, in identifying groups, market segmentation, etc.
  • Using different opportunities for alliances.
  • Identifying different goals related to the web presence, web site accessibility, etc.
  1. The risks to your company’s activities and business model and how you will mitigate them, this might include:
  • Thinking of issues related to the e-marketing and e-selling (for example the company might need to change model to avoid going out of business), etc.
  • Joining forces with other companies to get stronger by sharing cost, larger customer base, etc.
  • Increasing business revenues by getting more market share.
  • How your website meets users’ needs, communication with customers, etc.
  • You should not forget to make your business model strong enough to resist unpredicted shock, natural catastrophe, pandemic, etc.

NB: Please make sure all the materials used in your assignment are properly referenced, including sound citations using the Harvard Referencing System.