Post your definition of quality

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Post your definition of quality

Defining Quality

As health care consumers, we all expect quality care and positive outcomes. It is important as professionals that we meet these demands of health care consumers. Consider the work of the major theorists you examined in this week’s Resources and think about how these theories apply to your own experience as a health care customer and/or practitioner.

Post your definition of quality and apply it to the work of one major quality theorist (e.g., Donabedian, Juran, Deming, Triple Aim (IHI) – Berwick). Identify a practice problem that you have had some experience with as a customer or as a practitioner and explain how eliminating wasteful practices could have improved the experience. Include how your definition of quality applies to that experience.

Support your response with references from the professional nursing literature. Your posts need to be written at the capstone level.

Notes Initial Post: This should be a 3-paragraph (at least 350 words) response. Be sure to use evidence Links to an external site. from the readings and include in-text citations Links to an external site.. Utilize essay-level Links to an external site. writing practice and skills, including the use of transitional material Links to an external site. and organizational frames Links to an external site.. Avoid quotes; paraphrase Links to an external site. to incorporate evidence into your own writing. A reference list Links to an external site. is required. Use the most current evidence Links to an external site. (usually ≤ 5 years old).