Poverty and Inequality in USA

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Poverty and Inequality in USA

Why US politicians don’t make poverty/inequality reduction a major issue

There are several possible reasons why poverty and inequality reduction may not be a major issue for some US politicians:

  1. Different political priorities: Politicians have different political priorities based on their ideologies, beliefs, and values. Some may prioritize issues such as national security, economic growth, and healthcare over poverty and inequality reduction.
  2. Lack of public pressure: If the public does not prioritize poverty and inequality reduction, politicians may not feel the pressure to prioritize these issues. Additionally, poverty and inequality reduction are complex issues that require significant resources and may not have easy solutions, making it difficult to gain public support.
  3. Corporate influence: Some politicians may be influenced by corporate interests, which may prioritize profit over poverty and inequality reduction. These interests may lobby politicians to focus on policies that benefit them rather than policies that benefit low-income communities.
  4. Stigma: There may be a stigma associated with poverty and low-income individuals, which may make politicians less likely to prioritize poverty reduction. This stigma can be reinforced by media portrayals of poverty and political rhetoric that blames poverty on individual failings rather than systemic issues.
  5. Political polarization: In recent years, political polarization has increased in the US, with politicians and the public becoming more divided along partisan lines. Poverty and inequality reduction may not be seen as a priority for some politicians because they are not seen as important issues for their base or because they are associated with policies that are seen as too liberal or socialist.


Poverty affects many Americans, income inequality in the United States is high, and income mobility is quite low compared to other countries. Using the information from the readings and videos about poverty, housing, and inequality, offer an explanation for why these issues are largely ignored in U.S. politics. In other words, why don’t politicians make poverty/inequality reduction a major issue, and why don’t U.S. voters advocate for more attention to this issue? In your answer, you should consider what is known about the policy-making process in the U.S. and the role of organized groups
(voters and others) in it.