Psychosocial Theory And Role Theory

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Psychosocial Theory And Role Theory

Week 4: Psychosocial Theory And Role Theory

Analysis of Theory Worksheet

Use this worksheet to help you apply a theory as a lens to the case study for your assignments. Fill in the column on the right with all applicable information, and then consider it a reference for how to apply the theory. You must submit this worksheet, where indicated, in applicable assignments. Then you will compile the worksheet for your Theories Study Guide (that you can use for the licensure exam) at the end of the course.


Name of theoryPsychosocial Theory
Author or founder 
Historical origin of theory 
Basic assumptions 
Underlying assumptions 
Key concepts 
Foci/unit of analysis 
Philosophical or conceptual framework 
Strengths of theory 
Limitations of theory 
Common criticisms 
When and with whom it would be appropriate to use the theory/model 
Consistency of theory/model with social work principles 
Identification of goodness of fit with ethical principles 
Ways in which theory/model informs research methods 
Implications for social work practice 

Submit a PowerPoint presentation using the Personal Capture feature of the Kaltura media feature in the online classroom. Record yourself giving the audio-visual presentation much like you would in a case presentation or other public setting. The presentation should include 11–12 slides.

  • Use bullet points when writing on each slide, meaning no long paragraphs of written text should be in the slides.
  • Keep in mind that the recording takes the place of fully written paragraphs, while the bullet points provide context and cues for the audience to follow along.
  • Be sure to reviewthe Kaltura Guide item in the Learning Resources.

Your presentation should address the following:

  • Identify the presenting problem for the case study you selected. (Remember:The presenting problem has to be framed from the perspective of role theory. For example, the presenting problem can be framed within the context of role functioning.)
  • Identify all the relevant roles assumed by the client.
  • Analyze the social expectations and social and cultural norms revolving around the role, social position, and role scripts of oneof the roles assumed by the client.
  • Explain the role and social position of the social worker in working with the client in the case study.
  • Describe how the role(s) and social position(s) assumed by the social worker will influence the relationship between the social worker and the client.
  • Identify three assessment questions that are guided by role theory that you will ask the client to better understand the problem.
  • Identify and describe two interventions that are aligned with the presenting problem and role theory.
  • Identify one advantage and one limitation in using role theory in understanding the case.

Submit also, as a separate document, your Week 4 Analysis of a Theory Worksheet.

Be sure to:

  • Identify and correctly reference the case study you have chosen.
  • Use literature to support your claims.
  • Use APA formatting and style.
  • Include a Reference List on the last slide.