Quality Improvement and Data Analytics

HSM 725 SYS/LECT/DST1 – Final Project

In this final project you are required to write a comprehensive review of the Importance and Use of Healthcare Analytics in Improving Quality and Performance, comprising the following topics and pages:

Cover page containing Project Title, Course code and course title, name of student, name of semester, instructor name, and date of submission.

  • Introduction to Quality Improvement and Data Analytics                          5 Pages
  1. Define health care data analytics
  2. Define health care quality and value
  3. Discuss the quality improvement frameworks that utilize analytics
  4. Discuss how analytics can help transform health care
  5. Identify quality initiatives that have shaped the national health care landscape
  •  Health Care Data as an Organizational Asset                                               5 Pages
  1. Explain how data can be an organizational asset
  2. List sources of health care data
  3. Describe the challenges Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) face when using data for quality and performance improvement
  4. Describe an organizational approach for effective use of data analytics
  5. Describe the role of data governance
  • Working with Data                                                                                          2 Pages
  1. Describe the information value chain
  2. Define common data types
  • Data Analytics Tools and Techniques                                                             2 Pages
  1. Describe the process steps of data analytics and the tools used in each step
  2. Identify tools and techniques used to analyze and interpret healthcare data effectively
  • Using Data to Solve Problems                                                                        3 Pages
  1. Describe the purpose and use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  2. Describe the DMAIC problem-solving model and the tools and techniques used in each step of the process
  • Using the Data to Tell the Story                                                                     2 Pages
  1. Describe ways to effectively display data for improved comprehension
  2. Identify techniques to communicate insights gained from data analysis.
  • Conclusion                                                                                    1 Page
  • References in APA                                                                    1-2 Pages

The paper should be double-spaced, APA formatted, and a minimum of 20 pages long excluding the cover page and the reference page(s).

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